• Hair & Clothing

    Shower fresh ... without the shower

    Frsh-n-UP Hair and Clothes Get rid of hard to remove odors from clothing once and for all. Whether it’s a musty smell from clothing that’s been in storage or unpleasant odor your clothing has absorbed, you don’t have to pay big bucks for a dry cleaner to get rid of clothing odor. Do it instantly yourself with Frsh-n-UP hair and clothing. Same thing goes for odors that cling to your hair, with Frsh-n-UP, you’ll get shower-fresh hair, without the shower. For fresh smelling hair and clothes all day, every day, get your Frsh-n-UP today!
  • Home

    Get rid of the bad – for good.

    Don’t let unpleasant odors turn your home life sour. Get rid of bad smells—from funky bathrooms to smelly carpeting and furniture—for good with Frsh-n-UP home. Because it attacks odors at the molecular level, Frsh-n-UP permanently eliminates household odors and keeps your home smelling fresh and clean. Spray it into your air conditioning intake vent for an unbelievably fresh home in minutes! Frsh-n-UP is an environmentally-friendly solution for eliminating odor in your home without adding pollutants to the air you breathe.
  • Auto

    A clean, fresh-smelling car … no matter what.

    Your car is there for you; through every carpool, vet trip, weekend outing and fast-food run. But just because your car takes you everywhere, doesn’t mean it needs to smell like it. Frsh-n-UP auto adheres to odor molecules and renders them powerless, leaving you with a fresh-smelling car. So next time you get behind the wheel, you won’t be reminded of that burger with extra onions you ate yesterday. And when it's time to trade in your car, Frsh-n-UP will help you keep a higher trade-in value. Keep your vehicle smelling its best at all times with Frsh-n-UP auto.
  • Sport

    Win the battle against sweat odors

    When you work out, your clothes, gear and equipment work as hard as you do. Sometimes laundry detergent is not enough to fully remove the smell of sweat and body odor. Frsh-n-UP sport destroys odor-causing bacteria at its source, effectively removing bad smells. And because Frsh-n-UP is the first dry spray personal odor eliminator, you have the power to get the stink out of sweaty helmets, pads and other equipment that can’t be washed. Whether it’s a mid-day workout or a gym bag of sweaty apparel, Frsh-n-UP attacks any odor and eliminates it.
  • Pets

    A safe solution for all pet odors

    As much as we love our pets, dealing with their odors and accidents can be frustrating. Litter boxes, pet bedding and accidents – our pets come with plenty of odor-causing traits. With Frsh-n-UP pets, you can eliminate odors before they spread through the house. The nontoxic spray binds to odor particles and eliminates the odor for a fresh-smelling home. Attack your pet-related odors with confidence, because Frsh-n-UP is completely safe for both pets and humans! With Frsh-n-UP pets, only your pets –not their odors – will be your constant companion.
  • Travel

    Eliminate odor on the go, wherever you go

    Traveling should be an adventure, not a misadventure. With Frsh-n-UP travel, you get effective long-lasting odor elimination in a compact design. Undesirable smells from previous hotel guests, car renters, or even your own luggage—no matter what your travel challenges may be, you can rely on Frsh-n-UP travel to refresh clothing, hotel rooms, bedding, suitcases, sleeping bags, backpacks and tents. Keep it in your pocket, purse or carry-on to permanently eliminate odors on contact without perfumes or masking scents.

“From the kitty litter to our musty basement couch to the kid’s backpacks, Frsh-n-UP gets rid of the odor. It’s really all you need.”

-Sara T.

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